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Listen, this website is nothing to do with me. That's the first thing to say. I'm only involved in it because of a small sub-clause in an Official Charge that escaped my notice a year or two back. Unfortunately the author didn't forget. Just like magicians, authors are: nothing contractual escapes them. Well, after a good-natured discussion, which left scorch-marks in the walls of his study, I am henceforth obliged to show you every courtesy in your visit. So now here I am, positively 'delighted' and 'thrilled' to share your fragrant human company and introduce you to this area of the site.

No doubt you will already have read many of the titles in the prestigious and admirably named ‘Bartimaeus Sequence’.* Now you can get some exciting background to their creation by visiting the following pages…

In the Writing the Books section, there’s a ‘wonderful variety’ (it says here) of authorial bits and pieces, including notes, chapter plans, alternative chapters and lost bits.

The Bart FAQs page unravels a few of the mysteries surrounding the most debonair, swashbuckling spirit of the last 5000 years.**

The Chronology gives a fascinating, if incomplete, breakdown of my long and stellar career.

The Guide to London, which provides a background to my adventures in London, is hugely entertaining and witty, i.e. written by me.

The Golem Spell provides a transcript of the original Czech recipe for creating a monstrous, destructive golem. Try it at home. It’s perfectly safe. Honest.

With my usual modesty, I won't draw attention to the best bit of all, which is a BARTIMAEUS JOURNAL. As usual, my words here are sober, restrained and morally instructive.

Well, that should be enough for you to be getting on with. Right, I'm off. Job done.

* No? It’s well worth doing, partly because of the series’ wit and erudition, but mainly because failure to do so in the very near future will result in a brisk visit to your home address by an imp with a knobbly cudgel.

** Me.