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Timeline 3: Later Years: AD 1220 – Present

1200s –1400s Great Zimbabwe, Southern Africa: The city of Great Zimbabwe is continuously built between the 11th and 15th Centuries, when it is abandoned. Under the name N’gorso the Mighty, Bartimaeus works here for a time, as does Faquarl. Although many details are obscure, Bartimaeus is certainly present during its decline in the 1450s, when he watches as ‘the stones fell and the jackals fed on its people’. It may be during this period that he fights with ‘clever Tchue of the Kalahari’.
  1227 Mongolia: Death of the warlord, Genghis Khan. Bart and Faquarl engineer it by putting poison grapes in his tent.  
  1357 Prague, Holy Roman Empire: Bart is involved in the construction of the Stone Bridge over the Vltava River. Lots are drawn as to who will guard it; Bart’s associate Humphrey loses and is still entombed within.  
  1398 India: Timur the Cruel sacks Delhi. Nouda the Terrible is involved in the massacres.  
  1400s Central America: Between 1325 and 1520 the Aztec Civilisation is at its height. During this time Bartimaeus returns to the region, possibly in his plumed serpent incarnation. He afterwards boasts about being really good at the Aztec ballgame.  
  1480 - 1540s Germany: The magician Johann Faustus is active. Bart serves him at some point.    
  1500s In these years Bart visits Sheba for the last time.  
  1560s Prague: Bartimaeus builds the walls of Prague using the services of imps and foliots.  
  1580s Prague: Under the Emperor Rudolf II, Prague is at the height of its power. Bartimaeus becomes the servant of the magician Tycho Brahe, who loses his nose in a duel. Bart fashions a new one out of gold, and wins his friendship.  
  c.1600 Bart witnesses the activities of the first golem, created by the great magician Loew to defend the Jewish ghetto in Prague.  
  1600 - 1800 North America: Bartimaeus is regularly summoned by the Native American shamans during this period.  
  1800s Prague: Bart manages to devour one of his Czech masters, a plump one.  
  1867 London: The magician Gladstone takes over the British Government in the infamous Night of the Long Counsel. Prior to this, Britain was governed by ‘the Old Parliament’, made up of commoners.  
  1868 Fall of Prague: Gladstone invades the Holy Roman Empire, heading to Prague by way of Paris and Cologne. Ranks of golems defend Prague, but are halted when their masters are slain. Bartimaeus helps defend Prague in the final hours. He is nearly killed by an afrit, possibly Patterknife, but his master (his ‘twelfth’ Czech one) is killed and Bartimaeus escapes.
The Holy Roman Empire collapses. The British Empire begins.
  1870s-80s Gladstone oversees the spread of the British Empire. He inaugurates the werewolf corps, the Night Police, to quell dissent at home. He fights the magician Disraeli on Parliament Square.  
  1890s Gladstone dies. His body, protected by the afrit Honorius, is laid in a tomb below Westminster Abbey.  
  c.1914 - 18 The Great War between Britain and its territories in Europe. Bartimaeus works for Czech magicians in the general uprising. He steals battle plans while dressed as an ambulance driver. Much of Europe is devastated: trenches are still visible in Prague ninety years later, while parts of London remain pockmarked by ‘wastelands’ created by bombardments by enemy djinn. Britain wins the war and retains control of Europe for the remainder of the century.  
  c.1970s Around this time the Amulet of Samarkand becomes the property of British Government  
  1980s Rupert Devereaux becomes the British Prime Minister by killing his predecessor.  
  1990s The British Empire is engaged in long-term campaigns on the European continent. There is fighting in Italy and skirmishing with the Czechs. During these years Bartimaeus is probably summoned to London, but the identity of his master is unknown.  
  2000 London: Bartimaeus is summoned by Nathaniel for the first time. He is sent off to steal The Amulet of Samarkand.
Events of The Amulet of Samarkand
Tensions with the American colonies rise during this period and end in war. Britain’s resources are soon stretched.
  2002 London: Events of The Golem’s Eye.
Bartimaeus is again summoned by Nathaniel, now known as John Mandrake. Together they travel to Prague.
Kitty Jones and the London Resistance disturb Gladstone’s tomb. Reappearance of Honorius the Afrit.
  2003-4 War in America continues, while unrest spreads across the Empire. Rebellions and riots break out across Europe. During this period Bart works almost continuously for John Mandrake.  
  2005 London: Events of Ptolemy’s Gate.
The Magicians’ Government falls. The New Interim Council meets for first time and announces British withdrawal from America. Bartimaeus is finally dismissed.